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Sapcoderm GG :  Fatliquor for all leather types
Sapcoderm OLF :  Odourless fish oil based chrome stable fatliquor
Sapcoderm FM :  Fish oil based Anionic Fatliquor
Sapcoderm 793 SS :  Synthetic, light fast fatliquors
Dermasoft GSIN :  Catonic fatliquor of high fastness and stablity to electrolytes
Sapcolene CFM :  A Cation active fatty acid condensation product
Sapcoderm SWS :  Synthetic fatliquor produces soft and waxy leather
Sapcoderm CRIN :  Sulphinated natural oils with synthetic fatty matter
Sapcolene NL :  Semi Synthetic fatliquor
Sapcolene RM :  Concentrated Cationic nonionic emulsion
Sapcolene 1216 VG :  Vegetable oil based fatliquor
Sapco 1216 :  Synthetic sperm based fatliquor
Sapco 2101 HW :  Synthetic, light fast fatliquor
Dermasoft L Liquid. :  Cation active fatliquor & dispersing agent in pickling, chrome tanning,retanning &  spray dyeing.
Sapcosynth 1104 :  Synthetic, light fast fatliquor
Sapcotan MG :  Mineral oil based fatliquor
Sapcolene UK :  A cation active fatliquor
Sapcosynth 1103 :  Synthetic, light fast fatliquor
Sapco 9012 MOD :  Bisulphited fatliquor
Sapcoderm SL :  Anion fatliquor with lanolin component for high degree of softness coupled with 
 fullness and pleasant handle.
Sapco 9012  Solvent fatliquor
Sapcoderm DR 60  Fatliquor for soft leather types

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