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DERMOTAN GS    :   Resin syntan for the retannage of chrome and combination tanned leather

DERMOTAN LS     :   Finely divided resin syntan for the retannage of chrome & combination 
                                tanned leather

DERMAFIL RE      :   Improves fullness & tightness fo the leather without causing formation of 
                               coarser grain, due to its molecular weight. Excellent filling property
                               specially loose structures of the leather

SAPCO 1535      :    Powerful non-ionic surfactant
DERMOLIX A      :   Amphoteric dispersing agent for natural fats and chrome tanning salts
SAPCO 1525 A   :    Brilliant pale yellow liquid polyglycol ether
SAPCO 1565      :    Non-ionic surfactant
PARNOL LIQUID :    Synthetic detergent
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