Corporate Profile.....

The Company was originally incorporated as NOPCO (India) Ltd. in 1965, in collaboration with Nopco Chemicals, New Jersey, USA, primarily to manufacture spin finishes for viscose rayon filament units in India. Gradually, other product lines e.g. textile auxiliaries for wet application, antistats and finishing oils for polyamide and polyester, paper auxiliaries, tanning chemicals, etc. were added to it.

In 1973, the company's name was changed to Diamond Shamrock (I) Ltd. due to change of Nopco's name worldwide. In 1979, another plant at Ratnagiri was started for the manufacture of ion-exchange resins under the know-how of Diaprosim, France ( a division of Duolite International) then a subsidiary of Diamond Shamrock, U.S.A.

In 1985, when Diamond Shamrock decided to divest from process chemicals business worldwide, the company changed its collabration with Henkel KGaA and the company's name was also changed to HenKel Chemicals (India) Limited.

In 1996, Henkel KGaA signed an agreement to divest its holding in favour of Indian shareholders. The share purchase agreement stands consummated, and w.e.f. 9th May, 1997 company's name has been changed to its present name Auchtel Products Ltd

Today, Auchtel is a growing speciality chemicals company producing and marketing products which positively impacts the lives of people across the globe.